BrainSparks #Syria

It doesn’t matter whether we believe the story of Syria to be one sided or not, the fact is, as a viable place to live, it has ceased to be.

Above all else we have become anaesthetized to the horror of men, women and children massacred in dawn missile attacks: to the sight of a dead girl on a pile of rubble: to a toddler washed up like foam on an Italian pleasure beach: to a limbless father clutching what remains of his infant child to his chest. We see them and yet we are complacent.

The unspeakable carnage, man’s inhumanity to man, is all in plain view. We see them. We watch the videos and hear the paralysing screech and thud of incendiaries, the rush of dust and crashing rubble of places once called home or school or sanctuary. Yet we are complacent.

We know them, the people, each and every one of the faces, all different, yet they become familiar over the days, the months, the years. Their eyes speak the first language common to all human beings who are about to suffer and die. Yet we are complacent.

We also know the perpetrators – Assad, Russia, USA, Britain, Europe, Daesh – they can’t even be bothered to hide their evil. The eyes of their leaders speak the second language common to all who would crush, control and manipulate. Yet we are complacent.

The hard truth is the Syrian people are expendable. They are an inconvenience with their constant whining about Rights and Freedoms and what they want the State to do for them. And, of course, they’re never satisfied, gobbling up billions in healthcare, logistics, security and welfare. No, you see, what’s important is the land, that’s where the real value lies, in the oil and natural resources. After all, it takes the same number of people to get to it with or without a population.

Genocide is the ultimate in cost reduction.

When will we stop being complacent? Probably when the car won’t start through lack of fuel.

© Rivenrod 2016

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