Gorm No.1

Gorm is what the human species has become.

We inhabit a place of breathtaking beauty and yet, amidst the glamour and geometric swirl, as a collective, we increasingly close our hearts and minds to others of our kind. Most disturbing of all, we have turned our backs on that which sustains us. Sometimes, the planet protests and releases its brutal energy, tearing through towns and villages with hurricane fire, flaying people alive under a rain of volcanic ash.

But, Nature’s retribution is nothing when compared to the casual cruelty we humans inflict upon each other.

It seems we don’t even hate enough; the willful destruction, the impregnable inhumanity and above all the waste.

We are Gorm ~ unfeeling, desensitised, divisive, deceitful, fearful and false.

Neither do we love our brilliance or our compassion. Neither do we celebrate our endeavour to create things greater than the sum of our collective ingenuity, nor our magnificence in the face of adversity.

We are Gorm ~ uninspired, unaffected, indifferent, dormant.

In the beginning,
God made man in his own imagination
baked in the rubble of an Earthen oven.
A hundred trillion sweated beads reflecting several billion souls
each a googolplex of melded particles
who grew to reject their wisdom (pants down, sucking thumb)
and to squander their prayers on barren faith.
Exhausting their voice in the empire of the deaf
they wander in dreams pouting and plucking and swelling with greed . . .

© Rod McRiven 2020

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  1. I would love to see this in person! My! I’ve always been told you can’t mix oil and acrylic in one piece, it won’t work (something about archival quality). Nuts to “them.” I seem to be seeing that the crimson red area is absolutely flat, juxtaposed against the fullness of the other colors, and of course the brilliance of the gold. Wonderful to gaze upon.


    1. Hi Dana, Thank you so much. I’m in a fairly lonely place right now and any encouragement is gratefully received.

      I know what you’re saying about the paints but I like the way acrylic and oils work together. To me, they’re rather like plastics and wood or metal and resin, the oils seem to age in a very short space of time and carry on ageing whilst acrylics remain fairly smug and flat.

      I’m really enjoying what you’re doing at the moment too. You seem to have hit a rich creative seam.



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