Art #radical love: Female lust

Radical Love: Female Lust is an exhibition of women artists responses to a collection of Arabic poems penned by radical women over thousands of years, mostly between the 7th and 12th centuries.

Curated by Irish actress Róisín O’ Loughlin this, her first show, shouts the importance of multicultural art and sends out a ‘fuck you’ to fascism at a time when people from seven Muslim countries have been banned from entering the USA.


Bless those wonderful nights,
and best of all,
If you had been there
You’d have seen us locked together
Under the chaperone’s sleepful eyes
Like the sun in the arms of the moon
Or a panting gazelle in the clasp of a lion.

للهِ درُّ اللّيالي ما أحيسنها
وما أُحيسن منها ليلةَ الأحَدِ
لو كنتَ حاضرنا فيها وقَدْ غفلتْ
عينُ القيب فلمْ تنظرْ إلى أحدِ
أبصرتَ شمسَ الضُّحَى في ساعدي قمرٍ
بل رِيَم خازمةٍ في ساعَدْي أسدِ

>Painting by Darin Ahmad (Syria). Poem by Nazhun al Gharnatiyya, 12th Century ~ Granada<

The exhibition is at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, London from February 14th – March 5th. The show will raise money for The Global Fund for Women helping Syrian refugees

>Donate here!<

>Radical Love website<

>More at Dazed<


© Rivenrod 2017

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