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On Brexit . . . February 2016

I do not agree with the supply of arms by one country to another.

However, the hypocrisy of our EU colleagues AND the UK is staggering. On the one hand, they sign up to “Ban” the sale of arms whilst all the while selling those same arms to the same perpetrators but through “friendly” countries like Israel. A nice trick. (It’s no wonder no EU government will come out and openly sanction Israel for crimes against humanity and genocide – too lucrative.) Also, may I remind you that it was Germany who almost single-handedly brought the Greek economy to its knees by selling tanks to the Greek Government in such vast numbers they actually have more tank power than the UK and France put together. And in a country comprising mainly of islands and mountains. Both terrains on which tanks are useless. And the double irony is that those same tanks were bought with money lent by the EU. Where was common sense? Oh, sorry, No! It wasn’t about helping a small country, a MEMBER country, to benefit from the general prosperity enjoyed by the likes of Germany and the UK, No! it was about screwing them!

I become passionate when dealing with the human cost of corruption and double speak.

I really don’t think we shall see eye to eye on the question of the EU mainly because the EU is a system, a project, a construct, an organisation, an administration, a bunch of treaties, contracts, legal documents, it is NOT people. You’re speaking about the system and I’m continually trying to humanise the EU by talking about the people and the consequences of the EU systems actions on those people. I won’t be able to make it work because people is not what the EU is about, it’s not designed to be mutually supportive or even inclusive. You only need to look at the dismally ill-prepared and ineffective handling of the refugee crisis for an example, and you can’t get much more human than that.

Incidentally, another point of reference is Nationality. Within every member state, not one person will write European when asked for their Nationality.

In a world where corruption and mass deception is not only endemic but actually expected, the EU is up there with the worst of them and we can all recognise the human cost if we choose to see it. We are so accustomed to being lied to, we now only ever measure the severity of the consequences of the lies to decide if we can quickly forgive and (more importantly) forget. We don’t even bother to ask if we’ve been lied to in the first place. Because of this, neither side of the Referendum debate really knows what the TRUE issues were/are about and a depressingly small number of people bothered to do their own research to discover the facts. It’s no wonder both sides have cried foul.

So, what do Remainers want? Do you want the democratic vote to be magically reversed because you claim “it’s so obviously wrong”? Apart from anything else, what sort of a mess would democracy be in if that were to happen? Could us right minded people ask the same of the General election and get those evil Tories to personally pay for the mess they’ve created? We both know none of those things is going to happen.

British association with the EU machine could not, with integrity, continue as it was.

“The Citizens of Europe must insist that, by whatever means possible, our voices are heard. We must insist that our parliamentary representatives shoulder responsibility for the actions they take outside the mandate given them by their constituents. We must insist they carry out our will without inequality, without prejudice or favour and that people, not corporations are placed at the absolute heart of every agreement, treaty, statute and law. Once this has been achieved in every country right across the continent then, I believe, the people of Europe might well be able to come together and have earned the right to think of themselves as members of a Union of like minded people, striving for a common purpose.”

On Brexit . . . January 2017

“Sales of weapons have been banned to Saudi Arabia by the EU.”

I see no prosecution of anyone from Boeing, BAE or any other company still actively involved in any unsavoury country (not just Arab). In any case, trade issues are being used as a bit of a smoke screen designed to bamboozle. As we have always done, we will either trade with a customer country or we won’t. Whether we do or don’t will have very, very little to do with any third party organisation based in Stuttgart, Brussels, Washington, Canberra, Mumbai or anywhere else for that matter. The real issue is what we’ve got to sell, what can we make that other people will want to buy from us? What’s our USP? Can we revive the tradition of British Quality?

As we have already seen, Britain doesn’t have a sustainable financial services sector, evidenced by the various big players saying they’ll leave the UK and go, um, somewhere else. The fact is, financial services, like any other SOFT industry, can be conducted from anywhere in the world. It’s ludicrous to say Britain owns the market share of the Financial Services sector. If we did, they wouldn’t be able to think about or threaten to take their largely tax-free businesses elsewhere.

Brexit . . . December 2016

The UK survived and thrived very nicely thank you for a very long time without a contrived relationship with a group of disparate states governed (and I use that word advisedly) by Teutonic tyrants who, for example, actively promote the utter destruction of the social fabric of MEMBER countries such as Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal etc. at times when they need all the PROMISED support they can get from their own FAMILY of member states. The treatment of the people of those countries has been disgraceful and disgusting and would not be wished on our worst enemies.

Frankly, the European Union is not worthy of the name UNION. It is anything but a UNION.

And here’s another example why: to say that Britain will be safer, more prosperous by staying IN only includes us in the same slop bucket as all the other bullying thugs (the leaders of Germany, France etc.) who think it’s OK to support (and supply) the US-led contingents with weaponry to blast the hell out of men, women and children in foreign (Muslim) lands (for the sake of protecting our energy security. WHAT!!!!!! And bolstering an already bloated and unscrupulous arms industry. WHAT!!!!!) and then to turn their backs on those countries, Italy, Greece (Turkey), when refugees decide they’ve had enough of being killed and maimed and want some peace. With humanitarian commitment from UK’s hitherto woefully inadequate politicians, we will be in a better position to condemn and instruct, as well as to insist they step up to the plate, from outside rather than inside the EU, where votes are almost always vetoed.

Another example: The EU does little or nothing to protect UK workers or even the rights of workers that we in Britain weren’t already doing. Admittedly we were doing it a whole lot better before Thatcher decimated the Trades Unions and systematically destroyed communities. I fervently hope we never make the same mistake of allowing such Tory ignorance and arrogance again.

And another: Before the EC mark, we led the world with our, more stringent, British Standards mark which I might add was accepted all over the world as a guarantee of safety and quality, unlike the advisory EC mark.

I’m sorry to swear, but I say fuck the EU, I would rather keep my integrity than subscribe to the EU “Family” point of view and if that means being just a little bit less prosperous and having to rely on our own abilities whilst carving out our own place in the world, then so be it. We are equal to the challenge and then some.

I want no part of their depravity. and to quote Billie Holiday, “God bless the child that’s got his own”. In other words, we will be infinitely stronger doing it for ourselves than selling our souls for the lazy, easy way by cuddling up to gangsters.

For those of you who have been blissfully asleep, the powers that control us here in the UK have embarked on one last attempt to prove to us mere mortals that Democracy is not dead.  They plan a referendum to ask our opinion on whether we should remain in or get the hell out of the European Union.  There follows the usual Rivenrod diatribes.  (Is diatribes the plural of diatribe or is it diatree or diarrhea?  Whatever!)

VoteMongering . . . 07/06/16

With regard to the EU Referendum, it has come to my attention that I’m almost definitely, probably, going to vote IN or OUT. Either way, it’s a definite uncertainty that one way or the other something is bound to happen or not as the case may be. One thing I know to be a fact, though naturally unproven, in all of the hullaballoo, is that no-one, and I repeat, NO-ONE, is going to beat around my bush on this very difficult, but simply straightforward, knotty problem. Prob’ly.

 The EU and immigration . . . 05/06/16

Whether the Great British public vote to stay in or to get out of the European Union matters very little indeed because the fact remains that Britain is very much a part of  the geographical area referred to as “Continental Europe.”  In other words, the UK is in Europe whether we like it or not.

Whatever!  Don’t let facts get in the way of a good argument!

The problem with the Referendum is that the wrong questions are being asked of the British people and the wrong doctrines are being pressed upon an unsuspecting and frankly brain numbed public.  The picture is so much bigger.  There is a growing number of us who have come to realise that the foundations upon which our so-called civilisation is based – Democracy, Consumerism, Capitalism, Religion, Nationalism, Separatism, Racism etc. – are such fundamental failures that membership or otherwise of a support group such as the EU is utterly irrelevant.

Take immigration, for example, to put the question into context, on a global scale if you like, the population of this planet is growing by a net 1 billion people every four years.  This figure makes the squabble over “allowing” the free flow of people look really stupid (which of course it is). Within the next few years, European countries whether in the EU or not will be obliged to have a co-ordinated plan to accept a quota of migrants.  There will be no choice in the matter and unless addressed on a global scale, by 2020 1 billion people will be added to the population burden every 3 years.  That’s almost 2 billion more mouths to feed, globally, within 4 years from today’s date.  

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the implications.

The EU Apartheid . . . 01/06/16

The EU is Apartheid in its worst possible form because it is so genteel, so gracious, so sinister.

Before the petty arguing over membership to an exclusive club such as the Teutonic tainted EU, the systems upon which our nations are built must be scrutinised, voluntarily dismantled and rebuilt for the benefit of all not just a select few.  Even if those select few are in the EU club. (After all, we can’t fail to notice that poor countries are prohibited from being in the EU despite hand-wringing, posturing and bottomless promises from our nefarious leaders).

Can Europe lead the world?  In years to come will the Technic Huis of Holland be the norm?  Will connectivity to the World Wide Web be the platform for Universal Suffrage?

This referendum and the entire contrivance of European Apartheid, asks the wrong question from the wrong people seeking the wrong answers to identify the wrong problems to which they can then apply the wrong solutions.

© Rod McRiven 2017

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