Politics is still bollocks

Politics is no longer an instrument of the Democratic Process because Democracy has been hijacked by liars and self-seeking opportunists.

There was a time when the British people could rely on elected representatives to have the best interests of the United Kingdom at the heart of their actions regardless of their individual political allegiances. However, the evidence of the last 40 years or so demonstrates the exact opposite where the systematic demolition of public services, entire manufacturing industries, and whole communities has been on such a scale they are more than likely beyond repair.

And the politicians get away with it, shrugging off all responsibility, shielded by the very thing designed to protect us, the masses, from their excesses. Democracy.

© Rod McRiven 2017

Photo by: Damir Spanic


  1. Nope, not a sham. A dream is a dream – here, it used to be that it was achievable – but it’s been largely regulated away by politicians who ascribe to have a citizenry that is “unaware and compliant.” There is no need to work for anything, no need to “dream” – you can get along quite nicely on government handouts and if you’re not given enough, march in protest, burn down some stores, loot and kill. I know a lot of people that achieved the “American dream” but they worked hard for it, of course, they were lucky if they weren’t sued to free up some of that achievement and have it end up in the pocket of some lawyer. The rest is paid in taxes to support those that don’t need to dream – they are perfectly happy with a handout. Your feelings that what is happening in America is based in fear is correct, but it has nothing to do with the American dream – it has everything to do with propaganda designed to control through groupthink. For instance, the resistance (Hillary Clinton, failed candidate for the “left”) wants the public to equate our current administration with that of Adolf Hitler and they refer to the President as a Nazi. However, in the news for years and lack of history about WWII in schools, most millennials are not stricken with fear when they hear of Hitler because they’ve been told that the HOLOCAUST did not happen. Well, if the holocaust didn’t happen, then Hitler was just an ordinary politician? So they started calling our President a fascist – well they don’t know what that means either, moreover, it isn’t true, but it sounds bad, doesn’t it? So here is where the American dream ends? No, we’re de-regulating….and disregarding the “news.”


  2. My son reminds me, when politics comes up in conversation, that the word politics, comes from the Latin word that means “many truths.” You aren’t alone in the world. I’ve come to think, and this may sound irrational, that in the US we didn’t just experience an “election,” we experienced a coup ‘d tat … that’s why there’s an organized “resistance” to the current administration.

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    1. I have the feeling, what’s happening in America is based in fear. A fear born of the realisation that, fundamentally, the concept, dogma, philosophy which goes by the title “The American Dream” is a sham.

      The thing is, “The American Dream” is and has always been someone else’s dream. For Common People, there has never been even the remotest prospect of achieving what it purports to be.

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