Beirut’s romantic heart

Spencer was my uncle although being only three years older than me and having lived in my family home for a number of years, he was more of a brother to me.

He was blessed with Royal connections and spent much of the year jetting from one party destination and Grand Prix circuit to another, all over the globe. Of all the places he lived, Beirut was his favourite. He had an apartment there, not far from downtown Sahet Al Burj, until it was destroyed in the war.

I misspent much of my youth under his questionable guidance. He died in his sleep in 2016.

In the early 1970s, Lebanon was the Golden Country of the Middle East and Beirut was as romantically evocative as Paris.

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© Rod McRiven 2017

Pictures: #1 Spencer #2 Ramlat Al Bayda beach #3 Sahet Al Burj – Martyr’s Square
Website: The Daily Star

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