Rebel Rules #reclaiming sanity

It began two years ago.

I had reached the age when it’s perfectly normal for a man to assess his position in the order of things. I began to consider what, if anything, my achievements to date were worth, the fundamental question being: Am I worthy of my space on this earth?


. . . it could change your life.

>Next post: The Gall* Centre<
>Location when written: Exmoor, Somerset, England<
>Music I was listening to: U-Roy ~ Natty Rebel<

© Rod McRiven 2017


* Gall, /ɡôl/noun
1.  bold, impudent behaviour:
“the bank had the gall to demand a fee”
synonyms: effrontery, impudence, impertinence, cheek, cheekiness
2.  the contents of the gallbladder; bile (proverbial for its bitterness).
synonyms: bitterness, resentment, rancour, bile, spleen

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