Rebel Rules #the System

“Life is a slate where all our sins are written; from time to time we rub the sponge of repentance over it so we can begin sinning again.” George Sand (who was a woman Also Known As Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin. In the late 19th Century she wrote about the social conventions that bind a wife to a husband against her will.)

The System conspires against we who made it.


. . . it could change your life.

>Location when written: Dubai<
>Music I was listening to: System of a Down ~ Toxicity<

© Rod McRiven 2017


  1. Greed and specifically those who exploit the general weakness are quite evil. Sadly, in the 80s and 90s particularly, Britain became the most prolific proponent of Greed on the planet, something we are trying so very hard to adjust. We have taken but small steps, I know, but I’m hopeful the momentum will gather pace.

    I agree with the points you make and whilst the plan I developed to regain my own sanity in this mad world is neither dramatic nor complex it has been highly effective for me and my family. What’s more, the attitude to so called Authority has changed completely, especially amongst the younger generations.


  2. Looking forward to part II. Mid-20th century there were no “credit cards.” The mad desire to “keep up with the Joneses” gave rise to plastic credit cards and all the data that creates. At the root of the system you might find jealousy and to a small extent greed as human attributes upon which the system relies to make it possible.

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