BrainSparks #debt

Everyone is born into the world with an equal right to exist and an equal entitlement to the planet’s sustenance.

How, then, can there be such a thing as debt?

The concept of owing anything, other than, say, a debt of gratitude, is irrational.* And yet, now in the 21st Century, we endure under a system of ritualised financial debt that has been allowed to develop and expand. Exponentially, it appears, since the Industrial Revolution.

Basic human freedoms such as creativity, industriousness, learning, joy and initiative are systematically stifled by those who relentlessly capitalise on this misery.

The entire machinery of banking and finance throughout the world must be dismantled and a good place to begin planning the process is to acknowledge the principle that for debt to exist, both parties must agree that it does.

*The right of ownership, the private enjoyment of a commodity, for example, is a totally different subject.

>Music: Blood Diamond by Aine Cahil (feat. Courage)<

© Rod McRiven 2017

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