Guilt by association?

Here’s a question for you. A 21st Century dilemma.

1/ Do you have any misgivings about your thirteen-year-old daughter working in a fast-food cafe owned by an Asian gentleman in Rochdale?

I presume your answer is no. You will have no objections because based on your perceived knowledge of the man and his enterprise you have no reason to believe your daughter will not be safe.

2/ Would you have any concerns if the owner’s brother had been recently convicted and jailed for grooming and having sex with young girls?

Let me suggest that your answer might still be no, but with conditions. Of course, there is no right or wrong response in this scenario, one must simply consider the differing degrees of significance people place upon guilt by association.

3/ Would you still be unconcerned if the owner of the fast-food café declared support for his brother’s innocence, blamed the young girls for leading him on and saw no wrong in what he did?

This storyline provokes responses on a personal and intimate level. In a similar but much broader context, consider what you might say if you were a Jew being asked for your thoughts on the treatment of Palestinians by the State of Israel: or you were the Chinese ambassador questioned about the future of Tibet: or a Russian asked about State persecution of LGBTs.

© Rivenrod 2019

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