Amadrane: Ezza

“African rythmns echo the beating heart of our planet.”

As I write 200,000 people are displaced in Mali. 1 million Saharawi refugees remain in the world’s most populated camp in Algeria after being extracted from Western Sahara in 1975. Birth rates in Nigeria are far beyond food and resources sustainability. In almost every part of this great continent, cultural identity is being systematically eroded in the name of faith, local political dogma, commercial enterprise and the populist policies of foreign powers. However, perhaps we should consider whether nature has a hand in it too.

Conflict is Nature’s way of curbing the excesses of humanity?

The song, Amedrane, is from Ezza’s album “Abadaya” and is a fusion of contempory and traditional sounds rooted in the music of Tuareg de Niger.

I’m not sure of the meaning of the word Abadaya. But in the Luganda language, there is a word, Abayudaya, which means People of Judah  and refers to a community in eastern Uganda near the town of Mbale who practice a form of Judaism.

EZZA is also the last letter of the Tifinagh alphabet and is the symbol of both The Free Man (Amazigh) and Resistance to enslavement.

© Rivenrod 2020

Music: Ezza
Picture: Adam Goumour

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