David Bowie: Lady Grinning Soul

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the Lady Grinning Soul?

In 1972 David Bowie bought a car, a pink Cadillac as it happens. It was a tough time for the chameleon wizard. You know: drugs, adulation, the heady whirl of rock and roll UK. Oh, and inconvenient surges of unworldly creativity. He just had to get away, so he rented a cottage near Sampford Boykin for a week or two. The trouble was, the Caddy, being a big, lumbering beast of a thing, couldn’t negotiate the tight driveway. David got on to the chap he’d rented the house from and asked if there was anything to be done. “Arrgh,” said the landlord and went on to ask David to attend the Village Hall at 6:30 promptly that evening.

The appointed hour came, and David presented his case to the Village Committee for Tight Turning Circles. It just so happened that Chriscilla Mandrake was in the Chair. She was a large lady of colourful disposition to match the hue of her skin. She also possessed a remarkably bright smile and a deep, soulful, melodious voice.

And it is to this larger than life character, Chriscilla Mandrake, that Lady Grinning Soul was penned. If anyone tells you any different, they’re lying.

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© Rivenrod 2020

Music: David Bowie
Picture: Aladdin Sane

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