A 21st Century version of Humanity

Truth is defined by manipulation
Equality is profiled by algorithms
Fear is seeded by what might be forfeit
Prosperity is measured by debt
Freedom is constrained by obedience
Healthcare is dispensed by demographics
Welfare is torture by informatics
Poverty is a collateral statistic
Hunger is nourished by greed
Homelessness is a gross domestic product
Morality is fashioned by celebrity
Aspiration is forged in mediocrity
Education is weaponised by ideology
Sexuality is a transactional affair
The Earth is suffocating . . .

But rejoice in your own survival,
rejoice in all you can touch and feel.

For these are what remains of humanity:
The impulse to exist
and the expectation of love.

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© Rod McRiven 2020

Sources: Ovular Curios by Rod McRiven (Pub. Spring/Summer 2021: Barre Meunier)
Photograph: Design Indaba


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