Smash! Grind! Kill!

Politicians believe that Democracy is served when The People cast their votes for them. It’s bollocks, of course, because they lie and cheat their way to victory. Nevertheless, winners rejoice in their entitlement.

Except this batch of Tory fraudsters didn’t score a majority. 71% of the electorate did not vote for the current government and yet, according to the UK’s twisted electoral system, this translates to Conservatives winning a “resounding endorsement from the British public.”

Year after year, election after election, vested elites parrot the same old mantra – “People have the power. The people are in control.” We know their words are nothing but the release of air: a sigh or a yawn and yet, it has become a commonly accepted truth regardless of the absurdity.

The votes of 29% of the electorate have landed the British people with a government of “world-beating” incompetence. However, we must concede they are masters and mistresses of subtle manipulation, capitalising on confusion, wilfully misreading and flippantly misunderstanding the will of the people.

They promote overburdening personal debt as a sound financial policy. They detach themselves from the extreme reality of poverty and actively facilitate theft from the weakest whilst handsomely rewarding the already wealthy. They preside over burgeoning inequalities, foster divisiveness and encourage private enterprise to relentlessly plunder the Earth.

As sideshows to these main events, they invent deadly perils to make us pliable, starve our minds and bodies of creative stimulus, exploit aspiration for financial gain through commercialising education, scorn the idea that skin colour, age, gender, health and creed, under their regime, are barriers to a purposeful life.

Contrived solutions, however bizarre and vicious are forcefully imposed, becoming the new normal. Never the carrot, always the stick. What does that imply? Some of us scream, shout and cry, some of us die, joining millions already killed in the name of Democracy.

In the version of Democracy we currently live with, accountability counts for nothing.

Freely given are their gifts of greed, vanity, hypocrisy and lies. Democracy lends credence to the hostile environment they have built which rip, rip, rips at our sense of what is honest, worthy and righteous, and strips goodness from our souls. The real cost to our individual humanity is considered superficial and insignificant when set against protecting corporate interests and the wider good of the country.

It seems in pursuit of the “wider good” some people are not included.

So, if I were to stand up and demand our leaders be jailed as punishment for killing us in body, mind, and spirit, would your voice join with mine? Then would you demand retribution? Strip them of everything they have – their work, their pleasures, their communities, their homes, their comfort in old age, their reason for living, their children’s future wellbeing – just as they have systematically done to the British people.

Or will you be silent in benign acceptance of these brutal realities? Will you continue to allow the trampling of humanity under the jackboots of Democracy?

In this perverse world, somehow it has become unacceptable to be angry and wish if only for a moment, to seek out the evil that besets us and smash it, grind it and kill it.

I abhor the proposition of extreme physical protest but must be allowed to consider that sometimes there may be no alternative.

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© Rod McRiven 2017


    1. The world over, for sure. One of the fundamentals of Democracy is meaningful accountability. In other words, if a job is done well, it should be rewarded; if not, then punished. The current model of Democracy does not provide meaningful accountability. The issues around shambolic Capitalism and dysfunctional Democracy are so huge that I have to break it all down into manageable chunks or risk my sanity. The management of the UK’s affairs reflects, and is reflected by, many countries in the world, it is also my current home, so this is my starting point. If irredeemable change were ever to occur here, I hope that it could be used as a blueprint for other parts of the world. Take a look at this:

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      1. I did follow the link and read it. I find your analysis completely parallel to the state of the US, especially because the federal government is endeavoring to take away states rights. The divisiveness, as stated by journalists, is propaganda, an illusion at best, promoted as division by outlying singular episodes of violence. We have no journalists here to encourage truth, just paid propagandists. My fight back technique? My art….few see it, but I try.

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