I read the news today, oh boy . . .

I will not be put in the same box as paedophiles, rapists and murderers. I am my own person.

Because I walk the streets, does not make me a stalker. Because I look out my window, does not make me a pervert. Because I open a door for a woman or a girl or a man doesn’t mean I want to fuck them. Because I stare into space on a bus doesn’t mean I’m fantasising about killing. Because I sometimes walk fast doesn’t mean I’m going to do something evil. Because I take your hand, doesn’t mean I’m going to throw you under a train or into that hole in the road, which I can see but you can’t because you’re talking hard to the child in your arms.

Women, you need to change. Men, you need to change. Every biological and asymmetric gender needs to change. The way we talk, the way we think, the way we believe, what we believe and how we believe it, needs to change. How we respect, what we respect, needs to change. How we educate, care for, elevate, incarcerate, police and patrol, needs to change. How we live and how we die, needs to change.

And, we can only become respectful, understanding and, frankly, more human if we are willing to become so.

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