We live in a time where passions run high or not at all.

We live in a time where the worth of one man is equal to the GDP of 151 countries and whose organisation has enlisted hundreds of millions of work-a-day people such as you and me to his mission. We complain and yet it is our cash that’s made him. We live in a time when 150 million more people have sunk into extreme poverty around the world, in just 18 months. We, in the West, wring our hands and bleat our sympathy whilst thanking our lucky stars it isn’t we who starve. We live in a time when billionaire industrialists, media moguls and financiers are engaged in Deep State mind and body manipulation to take over a world they already control. At least a few anxious souls among us believe so.

We also live in a time where you can’t believe a word our politicians utter and yet, knowing this for a fact, we still vote them into Parliament.

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! The powers that be are in cahoots with the devil.

The thing is the crop of Tory twerps currently in charge simply aren’t clever enough to orchestrate any type of conspiracy. For sure their actions, to a man and woman, are by any standard, evil. But clever? No. Their modus operandi does not mean they handle things, on the contrary, they blunder things often handing billions of our money to their chums only to end up knee-high in gander-squits.

More times than is decent, proper-gander-spin is all they have to save their wobbly faced shame. Except they aren’t ashamed, and they’ll never be taken to task because there is absolutely no accountability. Propaganda works on a population in any number of ways: those people who have been beaten into submission by sanctions or other inhuman devices have no choice but to comply; those who are gullible, and others who subscribe to the promoted ideology, will accept almost anything anyway without thought of the implications for their neighbours and communities.

In modern times, propaganda (or spin) is always used to spread lies or to conceal the truth. These are the bases for Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories are complicated beasts because among the madness there are bits that could conceivably be kind of true. Useful lies are preferred to harmful truths.

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Picture: Rod McRiven
Sources: ONS, David Hume, New Internationalist, QAnon, George Orwell

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