Shocking, isn’t it?

What are all these famines in Ethiopia, what are they about? They’re about too many people for too little land. That’s what it’s about. And we are blinding ourselves. David Attenborough

In 2013 Sir David Attenborough said this about the world shortage of food resources. He goes on to say that unless humans do something about the population explosion, nature will.

Today, male fertility is approximately 40% of what it was in 1990 and female fertility is also dropping whilst incidents of miscarriage and unviable premature births are increasing. It has been identified that both are due in a large part to chemical pollution such as plastics. There is, however, some research that indicates human physiology may be much more susceptible to a far broader range of adverse factors such as air quality, air density, water additives, food types and quality etc. than had been previously thought. All of which may be affecting fertility rates and the immune system.

Common sense tells us that there are way too many people for the planet to sustain. But, it’s not about culling people or allowing those in poorer countries to simply die away so the rest of us will be alright, Jack. No! It’s about education and reversing outdated and unworkable notions such as those promoted by the Catholic Church and challenging cultural norms.

Having children is not a right and there are no identified psychological, spiritual or biological impulses to reproduce. This being the case, the situation is not insurmountable given time.

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