Radio Mukambo!

Benjamin Tollet is an amazing guy doing some very special work liberating Indie Music. Listen, support and subscribe to Radio Mukambo. It’s brilliant.

The brain spawn of Benjamin Tollet in Belgium, Radio Mukambo immerses you in global grooves. There are NO BORDERS just great music from all over the place: Afrobeat, Brazil, ethiogrooves, Afro-Latin, reggae, música mestiza, arabesque, global hip-hop all expressing such outpourings of joy, grief, outrage, and mischief.

If you don’t love it I will probably give you 5 million pounds.

Just so you know, a mocambo or quilombo was a refuge in the forest for liberated slaves in colonial Brazil.

Radio Mukambo is the asylum for those who want to escape pop/rock/electro dictatorship. 

Benjamin produces a weekly podcast. Each program has an album of the week and a lot of global sounds that will liberate you from the monopoly of commercial music.


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