Some of us can only imagine

To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream.

“Grandma, what did proper leaves look like?”

Sad. Doubly sad that politicians the world over are pretty much useless. They agree on nothing, they do nothing of any worth and think nothing of punching yet more holes in the boat that keeps all of us from drowning.

NASA data on global heating

Some of us imagine, by pointing out the obvious and moaning – endlessly moaning on social media – that the world will somehow take notice and change. Some of us crack jokes at the expense of the Leaders of the Free World, hoping to shame them into taking action. Some of us don’t do politics believing that injustice, inhumanity and brutal inequality will just fade away.

Some of us fixate on politicians’ bluff, bluster and deceit because the consequences of their ideologies only ever affect someone else. Some of us ignore the destruction of ecosystems because it’s apparently not happening in our own communities. Some of us do nothing.

Survival should not be a battle but it is.

If politics worked, if democracy worked, there would be no need for protests or petitions. It’s time to plan for action:

The Seven Lamps of Civilisation

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