Ukraine is not a parallel universe

Citizens of the real world MUST demand immediate universal reforms.

Early one morning last week I sat in my shed, coffee steaming, the ground hard with frost, I had a quick squint at social media. It’s something I rarely do but, you never know, I told myself, I might have become world-famous overnight. Look, I was half asleep!

In a way, I wish I hadn’t.

From the relative safety of their sofas a very long way from any kind of conflict, people suggested that the resistance fighters should “target Russian fuel lorries” with Molotov cocktails. Whoever it was assured his or her enthralled audience, with grave authority, that the Russian army would give up and go home. Yet another armchair strategist suggested stuffing mud up the exhausts of advancing heavy artillery. Ho-hum!

I bet it never crossed the mind of any Ukrainian to actually do any of those things. They’re obviously too preoccupied fighting for their lives, the lives of their children and the very existence of their country with anything that comes to hand. What a relief it must have been to receive such brilliant advice. Even as we speak, citizens are vigorously pursuing these genius ideas and stockpiling empty vodka bottles and digging up dirt like it’s a TikTok fashion thing.

For Christ’s sake will these armchair war enthusiasts ever get a fucking grip! But, although they are a pain in the arse, I’m sure they are well-intentioned. Thank you world for taking note.

In the long term, if we really want to help Ukraine and all those other peoples of the world that our governments have abandoned to senseless conflict such as Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and so on ad nauseam, we must get seriously busy “cleaning out our own closets”. We must radically change social and democratic structures in our own nations. To begin with, we must root out corrupt politicians and their cronies (Boris Johnson would be a good start!), debilitate fraudulent capitalists, significantly reduce the power and influence of financial markets, eradicate inequalities across the board and above all prioritise the welfare of our planet.

It will be impossible for the people who caused the mess over the last 20 years or so to sort it out, they just aren’t morally or intellectually capable of doing so. We need honest, straightforward, real-world individuals who will kick out the skeletons with firm, possibly even brutal integrity. But, be warned, the bastards won’t go without a fight.

As an aside and an indication of what the right motivation can achieve, following the invasion of Ukraine it took just two days for 30 European nations to agree on common ground, make decisions and act upon them.

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