I accuse you

An evil deed is to undertake or support an action that will knowingly cause suffering or harm to others.

For every action there are consequences and when consequences arise, there must be accountability. Therefore, I accuse those who voted for The Conservatives of being equally responsible as the politicians they elected for the disgraceful state of this once proud nation.

In a very direct sense, people who voted Conservative have demonstrated their own “absolute failure of integrity”.

In the run-up to both the 2010 and 2017 general elections, facts about the performance and integrity of previous Conservative governments should have been enough to set alarm bells ringing for anyone with an ounce of social conscience. Everyone knew the nature of Conservatives, that they are generally untrustworthy even beyond the usual standard for politicians. It was common knowledge their leader is a buffoon and a liar. Everyone knew of their greed, their self-serving corruption, their entrenched cruelty and the fact that they target the weakest and most vulnerable in society. We knew about Theresa May’s Operation Vaken and the “hostile environment.” We knew of their mission to privatise public services, most notably the NHS, and their ambition to open up British pharmaceutical markets to the impenetrable cartel of US suppliers.

All the information required to check up on them, and every other politician, was, and remains, publicly available. Ignorance was absolutely no excuse.

If people were prepared to research and listen, they would have had all the information needed to make an informed decision about where NOT to make their mark on the ballot paper.

71% of the British electorate did NOT vote Conservative.

Putting to one side the aberrations of our electoral system, who could blame the “Honourable Members” for crowing their victory from the rooftops, after all, they were “democratically” elected! There were parties galore in Westminster even as Bris Johnson decided it was perfectly alright to break national and international laws (Brexit and Northern Ireland).

Governments act in our name both at home and abroad. Ministers represent each and every one of the nation’s citizens whether we voted for them or not, that’s their role, and it’s a responsibility they chose to take on. Is it OK for them to behave in such an evil manner?

The individuals who voted for them, whether misguided or purely malicious, are equally responsible.

You must do better next time.

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© Rod McRiven 2017

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