I am ashamed to have been born in Great Britain where accountability counts for nothing.

Accountability by Rod McRiven (click to view and details below)

The mouldering torture chamber of a country created by this malignant and parasitic man must be torn down and utterly destroyed. Democracy must be returned to the people it is designed to protect from the likes of him and his cronies.

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Picture: The small one is an example of a divisive, lying, dispassionate, ignorant, lazy, disloyal, racist, untrustworthy, feckless, misogynistic, elitist, pampered buffoon. The other is an artwork titled “Accountability” by Rod McRiven. Original one off print 1.92 mtrs high by 1.08 mtrs wide on European white beech wood. Deep lacquered. Priced in the region of £6500.
Further understanding: Available literally everywhere.

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