No more: I resign

Burnout is nature’s way of telling you you’ve been going through the motions your soul has departed. — Sam Keen

Over the last ten years or so I have conducted research for a number of prominent and not so well known commentators. In recent years the workload has been immense. I have delved into war, migration, economics, democracy and many other matters. Occasionally I have commented on the product my discoveries, but most of the time I haven’t. When I have, the effects have often been devastating. So, for the time being, I have decided, for the sake of my health, to cease and desist from commenting on politics. I shall continue to study facts and figures, dig up fusty old academic papers on such edifying topics as global inequalities and economic imbalance. I shall continue to fact-check the false truths peddled by petro states. I am a researcher after all, it’s what I do. But . . .

A lovely couple. In 2012, unsealed papers revealed Thatcher knew all about this man and his activities.

. . . I shall refrain from commenting myself. It’s too disturbing, too frightening and has given me an almost permanent headache. It is not that I don’t care about the distribution of resources, the shaping of society or the destruction of fragile ecosystems, but I’m beyond tired. Tired of wanting a better world so much, so desperately, that I wake up every morning, after a night of fitful sleep, with a knot in my stomach at the prospect of seeing yet another iniquity foisted upon us and our children by ideologically crazed, morally bankrupt idiots.

It is too much. Every day, relentlessly digging up petty aggravations, inefficiencies and deceits, incompetence and lies. Too many politicians and business leaders creating evil. It’s too much to cope with especially when so few people actually listen to what I have to say, when, beyond any question of a doubt, I know what I’m talking about.

So there it is. The end.

Protect yourself and those you care about, there is nothing else that matters and nothing more you can do. Ultimately, the state will not help because Britain has been made a shell, a hollow gourd. Britain, as it stands today, is not viable.

Say “No,” more often, shout louder and mean what you say.

God help the king!

Britain. No longer an economic powerhouse.

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