BrainSparks #America’s trillion dollar king-maker

Contrary to common perception, Religion is not in decline and may well have been the unifying factor in bringing Trump the Presidency. Robert Jones, writing in the New York Times after the election, concluded that white Christian Americans “swarmed to the polls to elect as president the candidate who promised to make America great again”; […]

TroubleShouter #capitalising on our confusion

Individual countries and indeed the entire globe is a multi-divisional corporation where executive politicians and civil servants manage day to day business. These people are the “faces” of the organisation(s) but, no matter how much they squabble, name-call and posture, they have no real power. In control is The Board of Directors, the actual “owners”, […]

TroubleShouter #Sophia Scholl: A remarkable human being

Sophia Scholl was convicted of high treason and executed, at 22 years old, by the Gestapo in February 1943. A philosophy student at Munich University, she was an active member of the White Rose – a non-violent resistance group against Hitler and the Nazis. Her legacy is the embodiment of humanitarian spirit. She calls on […]