Galleries of my paintings, drawings and photographs.

If any of my work catches your eye and you find you can’t live another minute without owning one, use the form at the bottom of the page to contact the gallery.


Life ~ Where trains of thought collide . . . Words and images, sometimes contradictory, come together to create a greater whole.  A deeply felt encounter with life’s events which may, or may not, have gone un-noticed when they first occurred.


Intimations of love ~ Inspired by different aspects of love.
Paintings in oils and acrylics.

Each image is nuanced by a poem of mine.


Being Human ~ Paintings and imagery which attempt to connect with what it means to be human with all our flaws and vanities.

Paintings in oils and acrylics.


Postcards ~ Snapshots, snippets of observations.
Words and images.  Drawings, paintings and mixed media.


Drawings ~ Sketches for paintings.
Mental wanderings.
Illustrations for my books.


Fragments ~ Photographs and digital manipulation.
Projects beginning to take shape.
Mixed media.


Syria ~ When we dream, we are free to know joy beyond the extremities, to commit murder if we wish and acts of unspeakable sexual depravity.  In our dreams, no-one can judge us.

Some of what we may dream may be nightmares. In Syria, nightmares are Reality.

In Syria, 11 million people have nowhere to call home.


© Rivenrod 2015

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