“… and it came to pass, God created man in his own imagination.” Rod McRiven

When you have finished browsing, please make your enquiry or ask any questions here. You may also write to me at: ArtyFarty@Rivenrod.com

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Gorm: Gorm is what we have become – a forlorn unit of biology – even amongst the glitz and glitter of 21st Century chutzpah, no matter how we are embellish ourselves, as a species we remain hollow and bleached of humanity. Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE
Gorm: Tranquility . . .Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE
Monkey and Penguin: One of a series of drawings to illustrate a book of my poems called Slug, concerning animals and girls in very short skirts. Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE
We are stars: A series of mixed media artworks. Original artwork and prints: NOT AVAILABLE for purchase, yet.

Help support the Arts! Where indicated, these pictures are available to purchase as fine art prints in limited editions of 10. All prints are signed by the artist and certified by The Fine Art Trade Guild. More information

© Rod McRiven 2017

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