Being human

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Manic ~ Bi-polar, highs and lows, swings between opposing poles in mood.  Clowns, the symbol of laughter can hide sinister portent.

It’s no comfort that simple depression (is there such a thing?) is often miss-diagnosed as Bi-polar.  In this painting I wish to express the counterpoint between living joy and the pitiless vacancy of depression.

Deja Vu ~ An interpretation of that moment in time when we know beyond all doubt we are actually experiencing something we have already lived through. The split second in which blood drains through our feet and we know with absolute certainty we understand so very, very little of what life actually is.

Gorm II ~ One of the presiding ambitions of those who would be our masters is to categorise and number us. We forgive ourselves our bewilderment.

Take a look at Gorm I

In-valid ~ This picture challenges the authoritarian dogma that the benefits system as a whole and disability welfare in particular is piracy ~ money stolen from the worthy by the feckless.  The truth is, we should be proud to care for others rather than endorse those politicians who penalise the most vulnerable for their own failures.  Regardless of whether or not “we’re all in it together,” there persists a belief that some people are more worthy than others. Ironically, the biggest welfare handout of all time was used to bail out failed, but still wealthy, bankers none of whom have ever been sanctioned.

© Rivenrod 2012

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