Intimations of love

Who may account for the heat of lust, the reason and method of love?

What is love?  I have no idea.  What I do know is that when it strikes, it’s bewildering, sensational, obtuse, delirious, scary and agitating.  It harvests the extreme of every emotion a human being can ever experience mixed in a bowl, sprinkled with chocolate kisses and magical whispers, then rolled in the lightest pastry and served on a bed of moorland mist, each corner held aloft by hummingbirds of impossible turquoise blue ….. probably.

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Peggy ~ Some lovers gild their love with fools gold and collect promises like cherries.

Their curse is to yearn for something that never was.  I wanted to express something of the chill emptiness of jilted love, how the natural world colludes with sorrow.  Read Peggy’s story here.

Gobble ~ All animals can be bribed with treats, it’s a crude method our masters employ to demonstrate their control.

It goes without saying that with bribery there are always strings attached.  I can’t speak so easily for other animals but for humans, love is always involved with bribery.

Lorenzo ~ There are infinite varieties of love but surely the most problematic is love of the divine.

Lorenzo was so moved, so impassioned, he believed he could row his boat to the opposite bank of a dry river-bed.  Read Lorenzo’s story here.

©Rivenrod 2015

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