“ Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

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A bit of skirt: Bank Managers are human too. Mine was a wierdo. So functional and businesslike was he, even “good morning” felt like a perilously binding contract. The window in his office was at pavement level and whenever a woman walked by he would jump from his desk and stare greedily at her receding legs. Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE
Bugger off!: Literally? My apartment was raided by the police because two kids playing in the street overheard me threatening murder. The fact is my friend and I were re-enacting a scene from the Italian job. Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE
It was ever thus: My impression of enforcement of gender roles. It somehow became important to reference the biological pathway that too often leads to drudgery. Anonymity reinforces the sense of normalcy. Time for a change I think. Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE
A good boy: Tom Stoppard’s play “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” criticises the alleged Soviet practice of treating political dissidence as a form of mental illness. People that behave differently are regarded with suspicion which in turn alters the behaviour of the people they come into contact with. The circle is closed. Original artwork: SOLD. Prints: AVAILABLE

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© Rod McRiven 2020

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