EU VoteMongering

TroubleShouter(For those of you who have been blissfully asleep, the powers that control us here in the UK have embarked on one last futile attempt to prove to us mere mortals that Democracy is not dead. They plan a referendum to ask our opinion on whether we should remain in or get the hell out of the European Union. There follows the usual Rivenrod diatribes . . . is diatribes the plural of diatribe or is it diatree or diarrhea? Whatever!)

With regard to the EU Referendum, it has come to my attention that I’m almost definitely, probably, going to vote IN or OUT. Either way, it’s a definite uncertainty that one way or the other something is bound to happen or not as the case may be. One thing I know to be a fact, though naturally unproven, in all of the hullaballoo, is that no-one, and I repeat, NO-ONE, is going to beat around my bush on this very difficult, but simply straightforward, knotty problem. Prob’ly.

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