The EU and immigration


Whether the Great British public vote to stay in or to get out of the European Union matters very little indeed because the fact remains that Britain is very much a part of  the geographical area referred to as “Continental Europe.”  In other words, the UK is in Europe whether we like it or not.

Whatever!  Don’t let facts get in the way of a good argument!

The problem with the Referendum is that the wrong questions are being asked of the British people and the wrong doctrines are being pressed upon an unsuspecting and frankly brain numbed public.  The picture is so much bigger.  There is a growing number of us who have come to realise that the foundations upon which our so-called civilisation is based – Democracy, Consumerism, Capitalism, Religion, Nationalism, Separatism, Racism etc. – are such fundamental failures that membership or otherwise of a support group such as the EU is utterly irrelevant.

Take immigration, for example, to put the question into context, on a global scale if you like, the population of this planet is growing by a net 1 billion people every four years.  This figure makes the squabble over “allowing” the free flow of people look really stupid (which of course it is). Within the next few years, European countries whether in the EU or not will be obliged to have a co-ordinated plan to accept a quota of migrants.  There will be no choice in the matter and unless addressed on a global scale, by 2020 1 billion people will be added to the population burden every 3 years.  That’s almost 2 billion more mouths to feed, globally, within 4 years from today’s date.  

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the implications.

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