Rebel Rules

“Rebel Rules is a guide to preserving sanity. An alternative way of dealing with the crap.”

A decade ago, I reached a time when I needed to re-assess my place in the order of things. My work took me to every corner of the globe and during those interminable long-haul flights I began to consider whether my achievements to date were of any real value. The question I asked myself was fundamental: Am I worth my space on this earth?

Each installment of Rebel Rules was conceived in whichever country I happened to be working in at the time. I questioned everything: my work, my possessions, my pleasures, and principles. I explored whether the culmination of my endeavours to that point were merely the veneer of success – a man successful at appearing to be successful – or was there substance to my achievements? Of course, in the process I also wanted to see whether self-worth should or could be measured in secular terms of money and possessions or was there a more spiritual complexion to it, that my worth so to speak was a combined measure of satisfaction in my work and the dimensions of my well-being?

© Rod McRiven 2017