Rebel Rules: Debt

“Every single one of us is born into the world with an equal right to exist and an equal entitlement to the planet’s sustenance. So, how can such a thing as debt exist?”

The idea of owing anything to another human being other than, say, a debt of gratitude is irrational.* And yet now in the 21st Century, the masses endure a system of ritualised financial manipulation established purely for the benefit of a few individuals at the top of the tree. The wealth these exalted few enjoy has been exponential since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to the extent that it has become commonly acceptable for basic freedoms such as creativity, industriousness, learning, joy and initiative to be systematically stifled amongst the masses.

Instead of turning our backs on this ludicrous system and ignoring it, we allow ourselves to be bullied into fearing for our lives should we even dream of defaulting. They would have us believe that debt equals ownership but it isn’t things or commodities that interests them, no, it’s our minds and bodies they seek to control. Conditioning has made us accept the inevitability of debt by those who relentlessly capitalise on the misery it causes.

If a stranger came up to you in the street and demanded the shirt off your back as well as the week’s grocery shop would you hand it all over? OK. What, if a different stranger called you from a corporate call centre and told you there’s a piece of paper which says you owe them your soul, would you hand it over? What if you said “No,” in both scenarios? What would they do? What could they do? What if a hundred thousand people like you said, “No”?

The vast majority of people get into debt to pay for the basic necessities of a fruitful life: a vehicle to get to work, a roof over their head, clothes on their backs, healthcare, food in their bellies and an education in the hope they will be more useful to themselves, their families and their country.

A more sustainable and human balance must be restored and a good place to start is to acknowledge the principle that for a debt to exist, both parties must agree that it does. After that, we can begin to dismantle the torturous machinery of banking and finance in order to establish a system based on providing the basic-human needs of everyone on the planet.

*The rights of ownership, i.e. the enjoyment of a personally controlled commodity or resource, for example, is a totally different subject.

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>Location when written: Holborn, London
>Music I was listening to: Blood Diamond by Aine Cahil (feat. Courage)

© Rod McRiven 2017

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