Rod McRiven

Rod McRiven is an artist and author and stands for integrity & humanity against the shameless excesses of the 21st Century.

Born in Berkshire | School in Dorset & Berkshire | College in Somerset | University in London | Explored Europe, North Africa, Malaysia, South America | Worked in Advertising | Grew children | Moved & shook in global corporations | Escaped the lunacy | Artist & Author

There are three things which light my fire: Art History, because Art and Artists document certain truths about the development of the human species; how we have ended up where we are and potentially where we’re going.

The written word because without the process of thinking and communicating those thoughts, our presence on this planet would be meaningless.

And philosophy, because only through systematic examination of the Human Condition can we begin to explain humankind’s magnificence as well as our callous inhumanity.

I have also enjoyed a lifelong enthusiasm for the ways in which rotten eggs and tomatoes can be used as tools of persuasion against those whose egos have outgrown their diminutive capabilities.

Picture: A portrait of the artist as a young man by Cinders McLeod circa 1979


  1. Palestinian militants declare truce over five years and end years of conflict Read more

    While he was a member of the Israeli government, Netanyahu had a close working relationship with former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, who died in 2009. Barak also was the highest-profile international supporter of the Palestinian state. The relationship was described in a 2008 profile for Israel’s El Al by the former chief of staff to Barak.

    The new administration has repeatedly refused to recognise Hamas as a legitimate government, leading to a series of crises for Hamas.

    A day before Obama issued the statement, it was revealed that two Israeli generals were serving as advisers to the new defense minister, Moshe Yaalon.

    The new commander, the son of a former IDF chief of staff, did not appear at Monday’s meeting, which was closed to journalists.

    Senior Israeli intelligence officials said it may have been a result of the administration’s determination not to be seen to be backing down from the policy of Israeli settlement-building on Palestinians’ territory, which Netanyahu has been strongly pressing his government to implement in order to end the Gaza conflict. The American public, the officials say, could not possibly have had any idea of the government’s intention.

    The administration also reiterated its insistence that Jerusalem remains the capital of Israel, with its own parliament and Supreme Court, and called on Hamas to cease firing rockets at Israel. Netanyahu made clear his administration was not planning to seek a ceasefire deal without an agreement on a comprehensive peace deal with Israel.

    “We will never accept a ceasefire without the establishment of a just and lasting peace with the Palestinian people,” Obama said in his speech. “This is a matter of life and death for both sides.”

    Obama’s speech also did not provide any new details on the U.S. determination to keep a lid on the Islamic State group, although he said the group was making gains in Iraq and Syria.

    He noted the threat that al-Qaida-inspired militants posed to America and its allies, but said America must remain committed to its “most critical national security interest”.

    The White House does not plan to seek congressional approval for military actions against Islamic State targets in Syria, he added.

    “We will ensure the government of Syria upholds these essential national security interests and ensure this regime treats all of its citizens with dignity, respect, and the rule of law,” he said.

    In Syria, Obama said on Monday, “no president would ever accept any territory that has been historically part of Syria’s Arab or Muslim world”, although he acknowledged that the West, including the US, has a strong interest in supporting the opposition in northern Syria. “But that’s not how the situation is, and that’s a reason we must stop the fightin

    Paralympian pleads for return of stolen specialised bike after ‘terrible’ crash

    The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was riding his mountain bike in the village of Eger-Björk, near Aarhus, when a vehicle driven by two men overtook the motorbike and drove into the man’s bike, killing him instantly.

    Police have confirmed there are multiple suspects in connection with the incident and have appealed to people to call police if they have anything to do with it.

    A statement from police read: “A motorbike was in the path of a mountain biker on the side of the road at the turn of a road when a vehicle came from behind and struck and killed the motorbike cyclist. It turned out that it was a double rider, but the rider was seriously injured and had to be evacuated to hospital.”

    A witness told news agency YLE: “I saw one of the two men in a black suit and black overalls, who was driving a BMW M5, pull up beside the bike and a man had his eyes on it.”

    Sweden’s transport minister, Svengali Magnus Ranstorp, who is visiting the country this week, said the case was “terrible”.

    “We feel it is clear that there was not enough time for the police, ambulance and local authorities to react fast enough. This case should have been brought sooner if possible,” he said.

    ‘Not our fault’

    The unnamed motorbike rider, who was a father of one son, suffered fatal injuries, according to police.

    The motorbike was not insured in Sweden and was not registered with the authorities.

    Swedish police did not make any arrests or reveal any suspect names for the attack.

    The investigation is ongoing.

    Earlier this month, motorbike rider Michael Fiske was killed by a driver who struck him while pedalling through a village of Swedish-speaking Faroe Islands, in which the authorities insist they cannot recognise.

    The crash on the island of Frisia caused a police helicopter to crash in a field, and a number of other crashes.

    A 24-year-old man, known as Andreas, remains in hospital in critical condition.

    Two other men, also Swedish, were injured during the attacks, but neither has been formally charged.


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