Rod McRiven

Three things light my fire: Art History, The Written Word and Philosophy.

Art History, because Artists document certain truths about the human species: how and why we have arrived at this place, at this point in time, and where we’re likely to end up. The Written Word because without the process of thinking and communicating, our presence on this planet would be meaningless. And Philosophy, because only through a systematic examination of the Human Condition can we begin to explain our magnificence as well as our callous inhumanity.

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© Rod McRiven 2020

“Portrait of the artist as a young man” by Cinders McLeod circa 1979


    1. Hi Rivenrod, Tnx for the invitation to your website , I do like it and will read it because I like the way you think


    1. Hi there Mr HutOwner, thank you very much for visiting my website. I’m sorry to say that I don’t take part in Blogger Awards but I really appreciate your kind offer. All the best,



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