Rod McRiven



Rod McRiven is an artist and author and stands for integrity & humanity against the shameless excesses of the 21st Century.


Born in Berkshire | School in Dorset & Berkshire | College in Somerset | University in London | Explored Europe, North Africa, Malaysia, South America | Worked in Advertising | Grew children | Moved & shook in global corporations | Escaped the lunacy | Artist & Author

There are three things which light my fire: Art History, because Art and Artists document certain truths about the development of the human species; how we have ended up where we are and potentially where we’re going. The written word because without the process of thinking and communicating those thoughts, our presence on this planet would be meaningless. And philosophy, because only through systematic examination of the Human Condition can we begin to explain humankind’s magnificence as well as our callous inhumanity.

The preservation of ancient and contemporary nomadic cultures and traditions.

I have also enjoyed a lifelong obsession with the many ways in which eggs and tomatoes can be used as tools of persuasion against those whose egos have invariably outgrown their diminutive capabilities.

A recent occupation has been developing strategies for pissing off public figures who love themselves so very much they are blind to the fact they talk shit and fart through their ears. You know who you are! You will, one day, be held accountable.


Picture: A portrait of the artist as a young man by Cinders McLeod circa 1979


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