Born in Berkshire | School in Dorset & Berkshire | College in Somerset | University in London | Explored Europe, North Africa, Malaysia, South America | Worked in Advertising | Grew children | Moved & shook in global corporations | Escaped the lunacy | Artist & Author

Rivenrod: the man

Rivenrod stands for integrity & humanity against the shameless excesses of the 21st Century. Immersed in Realpolitik he is carelessly un-PC yet diplomatically forthright: shabby yet chic: a liver of many lives. He is also an Advocate of the SpeakOut Organisation, supporter of War on Want and Action Aid.

Publication of his literary work began with the critically acclaimed novel Swell (pub. Barre~Meunier 2015) which will be followed by a back catalogue of fiction and poetry over the next five years or so. Each new publication will be dramatically presented at special events, ably assisted by the beautiful and multi-functional Rivenettes.

His paintings and drawings reflects the world as he sees it and conceptualises the contents of his mind in oil and acrylic paint, graphite, wood and many found materials. He regularly exhibits nationwide in Public Libraries and other public spaces.

My muses
My simple rules: Noahide Laws

Picture: A portrait of the artist as a young man by Cinders McLeod circa 1979

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