My background

Brought up in England by parents of mixed European heritage. Schools in Dorset and Berkshire. College in Somerset, University in London. Widely travelled. Second language, French.

Industrial Design and Art History degrees. Chartered Designer by examination.

Broad business experience in corporate and consultancy roles. Entrepreneurial and innovative.

From 1983 for 6 years: Commercial Design and Advertising Agency positions. 1-year secondment to Allied Dunbar.

4 years: Green-field subsidiary start-up and UK Managing Director for Consolidated Beheer Group (The Netherlands).

4 years: BT Business Sector Sales Manager. £60m+ annual business. Several national leadership awards.

8 years: Business Development Consultancy. Invented advanced technology security systems, marketed through BT. Other clients included: Corporation of London, Milford Haven Port Authority, European Defence Commission, KONVER (EU Commission), Comax/The DERA, The Sultanate of Brunei. Concluding 3 years: BT Business Development Consultancy role: created and established SME Direct business platform, £50m+

From 2004 for 6 years: Principal Partner in BizBuilder UK and Central Communications. Several Trustee and Directorships for 3rd Sector organisations. Businesses sold in 2010/11.

Overseas assignments conducted in: The Netherlands, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Brunei, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Ireland (USA, South Africa).

To date: Settled into my toughest role so far as an artist and author.


© Rod McRiven 2021

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