Noahide Laws: Countdown

Countdown to the day they would crack open my chest and fix my broken heart.

Day 7: First Law To establish a Just legal system, and pursue Justice. Without an equal Justice System there can be no peace or freedom.

Day 6: Second LawRespect all creatures and avoid cruelty.  A reminder that humans are privileged to be caretakers of the earth and all that moves on it.

Day 5: Third LawRespect the rights and property of others.  We should seek to earn our sustenance with honesty and dignity, not through deceit.

Day 4: Fourth Law Respect traditional family values – a reminder of the sanctity of love.

Not simply concerning wedlock for the purpose of procreation but also of people (sometimes strangers) joining one to the other for the greater good.

We are created equal.  It’s our duty as individuals, communities, societies and nations, to raise up the weakest and poorest amongst us.

Day 3: Fifth LawRespect the sanctity of human life.

This commandment includes prohibitions of murder and suicide. This edict protects us from the extremes of selfishness and the violent tendencies that lie within us.

Day 2: Sixth Law Trust and loyalty are crucial in life.  “Freedom of speech” should never be extended to the extreme of blasphemy.  Don’t speak against the One who gave you speech!

Day 1: Seventh Law It is fruitless to serve idols or false prophets – guard against the modern predilection to worship celebrity.

Day zero Every year in Britain:
More than 28 million New Year resolutions are made and it’s estimated that more than 27 million are broken within 3 months.

11,000 new love songs are sung.

220 new words enter the English dictionary.

790,000 babies are born.

The British Parliament passes between 25 and 50 new Acts of Parliament which join the thousands of Laws and Regulations already on the statute book. Thousands of rules, obligations and regulations, all created by humankind in the belief that our lives will somehow be better ordered and more morally sustainable. In spite of our lawmakers best efforts, every year, it seems, life just gets harder and harder.

There are but seven Noahide Commandments. Keep it simple.

After a 6 hour procedure, I survived though not intact.

© Rod McRiven 2010