Countdown to a different life

On Christmas Day 2010, I was preparing to undergo major surgery on my heart. Due to spinal injuries received a few years previously there would be significant impact on my spine. Consequently there was a real chance my central nervous system would be compromised and I could be left partially paralysed or worse. Whilst the heart surgeon operated, also present by video link were both my spinal and neuro consultants.

The countdown to surgery became very important to me, after all, it was more than likely I would be bidding farewell to a life of relative normality and my future was daunting. If I was to survive the surgery as well as months of convalescence, I had to keep my spirit strong. To that end, I emptied myself of life’s complications along with the bags and baggage of ego and conceit. As a result of this soul searching and cleansing, I began to appreciate life in more simple terms.

This is the countdown to the day they would crack open my chest and fix my broken heart.

© Rod McRiven 2010