Noahide: a simple life

I’m not one for organised religion and I have serious issues with a God who behaves like a petulant teenager on a good day.

But, to enhance civilisation, I also recognise the need for humanity to be organised and as such, the Noahide Commandments are the simplest and most straightforward principles by which a society might thrive.

People generally have heard of the “Ten Commandments”, but what most people don’t know is that ‘Ten Commandments’ is a mistranslation.  In the original Hebrew, ‘Aseret HaDibrot’ correctly translates as ‘Ten Statements.’ As the Christian legend goes, it was ten statements that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai, carved into two stone tablets.

According to Jewish tradition, the Torah of Moses contains 613 commandments for the Jewish people. One of these commandments is for Jewish people to be “a light unto the (non-Jewish) nations”, and as part of fulfilling this task the Universal Code of Seven Noachide Commandments is preserved in the Talmud. Originally, the Seven Commandments were given to the Patriarch Noah at Mount Ararat and those who observe them are known to be Righteous Gentiles.

Noachides (descendants of Noah) still live in the region and preserve ancient cultural and religious traditions.

The biblical covenant of Noah is a divine promise (symbolised by the rainbow) to never again destroy humanity.  The Jewish tradition informs us that in return, all humanity must observe the seven Noachide commandments.

© Rod McRiven 2010

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