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But, what if we, the people, decide that continuous economic growth is the worst possible thing that can happen? What if we decide that happiness and the welfare of everyone is the number one priority? What if we decide enough of what we already have is truly enough and anyone who accumulates more is an enemy of the State? What if we came to the conclusion that politicians should be held responsible for the decisions they make?


The first question is “why” then, perhaps, a slow dawning that we are all subject to human nature which most people blithely accept even as it destroys us.  By all means we can care, commiserate, despise, love and hate but still nothing will happen until something is done. Visit Click!   © Rivenrod 2014

Tears of Gaza

If you do anything this week, please take some time and watch this trailer and hunt down the film. Tears of Gaza is a disturbing and emotionally powerful documentary by the Norwegian film maker Vibeke Løkkeberg. It is less a conventional documentary than a record – presented with minimal gloss – of the 2008 to 2009 bombing of […]


Yet again Israelis evict Palestinian villagers from their own land. America equips these thugs in hi-tech armour and arms them with sophisticated weaponry, conspiring with Israel in the genocide of the Palestinian people.  It is the worst atrocity since World War II, yet when we speak out we are branded racist and holocaust deniers and never […]