Brexit: February 2017

I do not agree with the supply of arms to any country.

However, the hypocrisy of our EU colleagues AND the UK is staggering. On the one hand, they sign up to “Ban” the sale of arms whilst all the while selling those same arms to the same perpetrators but through “friendly” countries like Israel. A nice trick. (It’s no wonder no EU government will come out and openly sanction Israel for crimes against humanity and genocide – too lucrative.) Also, may I remind you that it was Germany who almost single-handedly brought the Greek economy to its knees by selling tanks to the Greek Government in such vast numbers they actually have more tank power than the UK and France put together. And in a country comprising mainly of islands and mountains. Both terrains on which tanks are useless. And the double irony is that those same tanks were bought with money lent by the EU. Where was common sense? Oh, sorry, No! It wasn’t about helping a small country, a MEMBER country, to benefit from the general prosperity enjoyed by the likes of Germany and the UK, No! it was about screwing them!

I become passionate when dealing with the human cost of corruption and double speak.

I really don’t think we shall see eye to eye on the question of the EU mainly because the EU is a system, a project, a construct, an organisation, an administration, a bunch of treaties, contracts, legal documents, it is NOT people. You’re speaking about the system and I’m continually trying to humanise the EU by talking about the people and the consequences of the EU systems actions on those people. I won’t be able to make it work because people is not what the EU is about, it’s not designed to be mutually supportive or even inclusive. You only need to look at the dismally ill-prepared and ineffective handling of the refugee crisis for an example, and you can’t get much more human than that.

Incidentally, another point of reference is Nationality. Within every member state, not one person will write European when asked for their Nationality.

In a world where corruption and mass deception is not only endemic but actually expected, the EUis up there with the worst of them and we can all recognise the human cost if we choose to see it. We are so accustomed to being lied to, we now only ever measure the severity of the consequences of the lies to decide if we can quickly forgive and (more importantly) forget. We don’t even bother to ask if we’ve been lied to in the first place. Because of this, neither side of the Referendum debate really knows what the TRUE issues were/are about and a depressingly small number of people bothered to do their own research to discover the facts. It’s no wonder both sides have cried foul.

So, what do Remainers want? Do you want the democratic vote to be magically reversed because you claim “it’s so obviously wrong”? Apart from anything else, what sort of a mess would democracy be in if that were to happen? Could us right minded people ask the same of the General election and get those evil Tories to personally pay for the mess they’ve created? We both know none of those things is going to happen.

British association with the EU machine could not, with integrity, continue as it was.

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