Here you’ll find a selection of my novels, collections of short stories, art books and narrative poetry.  More will be showcased as my back catalogue is added.

Swell is a story of deception, manipulation and control. Ultimately, it tells of twisted love and the dispassionate hand of fate.

A mother strives to be the centre of her young son’s universe, “all he will ever need”. To protect him from the Outside, she teaches him the art of hiding, to be invisible, and over the years he learns the rules and becomes a skilful game player.

As a young man, he is conscripted to fight in the bloodiest of wars and returns to find his mother has died. Seemingly unscathed, he quickly picks up the routine of his former life and settles to a regimented existence.

In the end, this dull and unremarkable man becomes the obsession of a beautiful, voluptuous young woman who finds the courage at last to be alone with him but just as her dream is about to be realised, she discovers his lifeless body. It is then that we realise everything may not be as it seems.


Swell ~ read an extract and own a copy.

Swell is available everywhere in paperback and all formats of ebook.

Ovular Curios ~ A collection of narratives. Verses to kill, cure or pervert. The choice of poison is yours.

supermarket squirms with base life. Even so, it’s here, at the culmination of a journey of sorts, where I was compelled by something, by someone far greater, to ask in a plea: “Would you tell me if I had died?”

In the end, Ovular Curios is a celebration of life through song and dance.
Breathless ~ an extract
Anatomy of a dream ~ an extract
If you were a house ~ an extract

Ovular Curios will be published by Barre Meunier on September 30th 2017

©Rivenrod 2016

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