Provocative and compelling, Swell is the story of a solitary and outwardly unremarkable man whose life is revealed to be anything but ordinary.

Swell is a raw and penetrating account of heartbreak and isolation, of innocence betrayed and twisted love. You may also come to believe it is about murder.

Pay attention to the riddles hidden in plain sight, play the game to the bitter end and you will see whether you are right to believe what you think you know. Swell takes you on an extraordinary and unforgettable journey which, in the end, leads you to reflect upon the sacrifices you would make to survive. There will be times when you question your own morality.

Swell is also an allegory for the intimate trials and challenges of co-existence in the 21st Century, yet the prose transports the sense of a grainy black-and-white movie, a Romance Noir, with stark imagery and poignant drama drenched with connotation.

Here are a couple of extracts. Tap to open.

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